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20141020 - Primary Energy Recylcing Corp Acquisition - Press Release.pdfFortistar aquires Primary Energy Recycling
20140110 Channelview Sale - Press Release.pdfFortistar sells Channelview
20130114 Fortistar Acquires Vocational Energy - Press Release.pdfFortistar aquires Vocational Energy and creates TruStar Energy
Press release EQT Infrastructure MCV 121002 US final.pdfEQT and Fortistar agree to sell MCV
CMS News Release Final.pdfFortistar dedicates new LFG Facility in Charlotte NC
20120418 - Solvey Foundation - FINAL RELEASE DRAFT.pdfFortistar establishes $50,000 Renewables Scholarship Foundation in NY
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A new world of clean energy

These are times of change – Never has the demand for energy on a global basis and the environmental challenges to produce that energy been more important.   Every power project, every power company, every community and every country is facing the challenge of providing increasing energy for economic growth while addressing the environmental challenges of climate change and global warming.  Meeting this power demand and challenge to the environment must change our approach as to how energy is produced and the cost of such energy.

A company committed to producing clean energy while meeting the new environmental challenges - Fortistar is a company committed to producing clean energy that meets the new environmental challenges.      We are doing it with our current power projects and will continue to do so in the future.

Let’s begin a dialogue – Whether you are an energy consumer, landfill facility, community, potential partner    or someone who wants to join us in meeting these challenges, welcome to our site.  We have a track record of achieving results.  We do it by seeking win-win solutions and long-term relationships.  You would be surprised, and pleased, at the power that comes from such an approach.  Let’s make this a starting point to a dialogue, devoted to overcoming the above-mentioned challenge.