Committed to meet the current energy challenges


A mission to make a difference - Fortistar is committed to creating clean energy that meets the environmental challenges while minimizing the increase in cost.

Fortistar Cogeneration Group maximizes output per unit of fuel used.

Fortistar Methane Group utilizes a greenhouse gas to produce base load, competitively priced energy.

Fortistar Biomass Group eliminates wood waste while producing base load, competitively priced energy.

A breadth in projects across the U.S. - Fortistar owns and manages 60 projects located in 15 states and Canada.  This provides an efficient platform for growth.

A team with depth and commitment –  Fortistar's management team has been together for over 10 years.  We have been innovative in delivering clean energy while remaining focused on bottom line results for our partners, the local communities we serve, and ourselves.

A company with feet planted in solid ground and vision towards the horizon - We are a fast-growing, privately owned company with staying power.  Our staying power comes from positive results from taking a long term perspective in deals; and our growth will come from building upon the platform we have created.

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