A baseload green/renewable energy resource for our time

Times of change - In these times of global warming, resources limits, higher costs, distribution risk and greater regulations, we need every energy solution we can find to solve the energy equation.

Landfill methane is an important part of the solution - It is a green/renewable fuel source that can produce energy at competitive prices.  It is green because it takes methane which produces twenty one times the amount of greenhouse gases that a similar amount of CO2 produces.  It is renewable because it is the product of the decomposition of garbage in landfills. 

Landfill methane offers communities a double benefit - By utilizing the methane from the landfills, more energy can be produced from a green/renewable fuel source.  In addition, the community can earn much needed money from selling the methane to the owner of the power plant using the methane as a fuel source. 

The Fortistar Methane Group is expert at turning this under-utilized but increasingly important resource into a vehicle that can contribute to a "triple bottom line".  The Fortistar Methane Group owns over fifty landfill power plants, which are located across the United States, which represents about 12% of the developed methane market.