The very pace of change is accelerating.  Where we are heading...



It’s a whole new world out there – Competing forces are now at work - the global demand for energy is increasing at a rapid pace; the production of energy is causing significant environmental challenges and there is a cost to meeting these environmental challenges.  The issue is how much additional cost will society as a whole accept and will enough of the environmental challenge be met with such additional cost.

Current projections for new green\renewable power projects account for only about 50% of the current legislated renewable portfolio standards.  Many of these projects require significant subsidies.

Real-world energy solutions must improve the ‘triple bottom line' - people, planet, and profit:

  • We must find more efficiencies in the production of energy so more can be produced from the same amount of fuel.
  • The cost of production from green/renewable fuels must be as close to current costs as possible.
  • Energy companies must be incented and rewarded to invest in the technologies and fuel sources that best meet the environmental challenges.
  • Significant research dollars must be invested to improve the efficiency of existing green/renewable projects and seek new economically viable options.
  • Regulatory bodies and politicians must find mechanisms to assist all of the above to happen.

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