Our Companies

Whether in energy, transportation or industrials, Fortistar companies maintain a shared focus on sustainability and superior performance. Our companies create opportunity for partners and communities.

Pellucere Technologies, Inc. is a U.S.-based sustainable technology focused company that manufactures anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings for solar, automotive, and consumer electronics. Pellucere’s flagship product is the MoreSun® Anti-Reflective (AR) / Anti-Soiling (AS) coating for the solar market.

BayoTech is a hydrogen generation technology company committed to addressing the need for consistent, cost-effective supply of low-/zero-carbon hydrogen. The company offers modular, scalable and rapidly deployable hydrogen production systems through sales, rentals, leases and gas-as-a-service to customers worldwide.

Renewable Power Portfolio focuses on capturing harmful emissions from landfills and dairies to power a green future. Our projects repurpose methane to create cleaner power for renewable electricity or to fuel the transportation sector with Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

Primary Energy is a leader in energy recycling. It has a 298 MW portfolio of five projects that captures and recycles recoverable heat from industrial processes providing steam and electricity.

Trustar Energy is a leading designer and developer of CNG fueling stations to displace diesel as a transportation fuel in the United States. The company offers a complete range of fully integrated construction, service and fuel sales.

Braven Environmental is an industry leader in environmental solutions that eliminate the growing problem of waste plastics. Keeping these hazards out of landfills, oceans and waterways, Braven produces feedstock, commercial fuel, or generates electricity for turbines from waste plastics.

Carbonfree Chemicals uses proprietary technology to capture carbon emissions and other pollutants from industrial and power plants to create green products such as baking soda, hydrochloric acid and bleach.

Clock.In is an innovative leader in information management for mobile companies and workforces. Across multiple platforms, it offers a complete set of employee, delivery and decision support tools.

Generational Power is a leader in creating both heat and power through cogeneration, and where Fortistar started. Its track record of operational performance, greater production capacity and superior economic returns has translated into added power, jobs and profits.